Slush Ice

The Italian Frozen Drink With Award Winning Flavour

Great Taste Award Winning Flavour

Our granita slush ice is traditionally prepared in the Sicilian way. To create our unique slurry of smooth ice, our slush syrup is pasteurised, to prevent the flavour and colour to separate from the ice for an increased shelf life and consistency. 

Great Taste Award Winning

Making history by being the first and only great taste award for a frozen drink.

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Slush is a fast growing refreshing ice drink which is made with a slush machine. The consistency is crushed ice with unique flavours. Our slush syrups are diluted with water, frozen in a slush machine.

As a premium manufacturer of frozen desserts, we manufacture our slush concentrates using the finest ingredients and traditional methods. Our slush ice concentrate is manufactured by pasteurisation and homogenisation to ensure the consistency and quality of colour and flavour in every cup of slush.

As a manufacturer of premium Italian frozen desserts, our slush concentrates has been designed to be used in a variety of different products, using the same dilution ratios. They can be used to make ice lollies in a home freezer, to make flavoured drinks using cold water and used to make granita drinks and cocktails such as Mojitos and Vodka slush. 

Granita is a traditional Italian drink, that uses shavings of ice from a block of ice, and our syrup concentrate is used to flavour the ice shavings in a cup. The flavours can be mixed to create a cocktail of flavours.

Yes, once our slush syrups are diluted with water, you can then add 1 part of any alcoholic beverage[s] to the mix and freeze using a slush machine.

Yes! You can buy machines and we offer a service to supply weddings, carnivals, childrens parties and events. We also do packages for slush machine syrup cups and straws as a starter pack. Get in contact to make an enquiry.

Yes we can arrange to rent a variety of slush machines for any indoor and outdoor event. Please “contact” us for further details. 


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